Astorplast Klebetechnik SE

Air and Windtightness

Astorplast is a specialist in the field of adhesive and sealing tapes for air and windtight sealing in attic conversions and interior construction. We have been producing for internationally renowned manufacturers and dealers of air and windtight sealing systems for decades.

New regulations are constantly being developed in Europe for improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Tried and tested methods are available for insulating the building envelope.

Single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes that are highly resistant to ageing and that significantly improve the air and windtight sealing of the building envelope, in order to prevent undesirable heat loss, are an indispensable component of these systems.

Our products are solvent-free and comply with all important standards and legal requirements.

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We individually tailor printing, packaging and dimension so that our customers can integrate Astorplast products optimally into their product range. And if it is not possible to use any of our standard products, we can develop a customised solution.


Single-sided adhesive tape with a flexible carrier foil, reinforced with polyester scrim. For the airtight bonding of penetrations in the interior.


Reinforced paper, single-sided self-adhesive tape with a robust, water repellent reinforced paper carrier. Ideal for long overlaps.


Multifunction tape, single-sided, self-adhesive tape with a special adhesive formulation and a UV-resistant and weather-resistant film.


Spunbond, single-sided, self-adhesive tape made from twist and tear-resistant Tyvek® Spunbond with high adhesive application for indoor and outdoor use.


Underlay, single-sided, self-adhesive tape on the basis of a roof underlay.

NDB 600

Nail seal, single-sided, self-adhesive tape, soft PE foam for use as nail sealing tape, in accordance with the ZDVH. Also available as a double-sided self-adhesive tape.