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Individual foam adhesive tapes:

suited to your application

Elastomeric Foams

We are a specialist for single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes on the basis of elastomer foam plastics. In this regard, we offer the right combination of backing material and pressure-sensitive adhesive system for almost every application.

Foam adhesive tapes can be used in a variety of ways e.g. for mounting, sealing or soft positioning and for bonding profiles, strips and mirrors. Our foam adhesive tapes have a gap-filling effect and reduce tensions within the adhesive gap.


High-performance foam adhesive tape on the basis of solvent acrylates. These self-adhesive tapes were developed for the most rigorous requirements imposed on extremely high final adhesion and optimal cohesion. To a great extent, the adhesives are insensitive to weather conditions and have high ageing resistance.


Foam adhesive tape made from flexible closed-cell PE foam with adhesive on both sides. Provided with UV cross-linked acrylate adhesive. Versatile implementation as assembly tape and for profile manufacturing.


Foam adhesive tape of double-sided self-adhesive closed-cell PE or PUR foam. Depending on the application, provided with synthetic rubber or acrylate dispersion adhesives.


Foam adhesive tape made from soft closed-cell and physically cross-linked polyethylene foam with a smooth surface. Chemically neutral and highly resistant to ageing, practically non-rotting, water absorption < 1 Vol.-%.


Foam adhesive tape made from an open-cell fine-pore polyurethane foam based on ester or ether. Highly compressible and very supple.


Foam adhesive tape with very supple closed-cell PVC foam with foil cover. Self-extinguishing and high resistance to ageing. Has high density at low compression.


Foam adhesive tape made from closed-cell foam rubber in different qualities (EPDM / neoprene / nitrile). Very good ageing, weathering and UV-resistance, good resilience and outstanding temperature properties, depending on the grade. Resistant to oils, fats, various chemicals and heat, fire behaviour in accordance with FMVSS 302.


Foam adhesive tape made from permanently elastic pre-compressed PUR foam, impregnated with acrylate. Can be applied in driving rain, flame-resistant. Suitable for sealing joints in building construction and civil engineering, for modernisation of old buildings and for industrial applications.


New generation foam adhesive tape made from soft supple PE foam. Flexible, easily compressed, highly resistant to chemicals and ageing, watertight and airtight, water absorption < 1Vol.-%.