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Individual adhesive solutions:

Suited to your application

Adhesive Tapes

We are a specialist for adhesive tape systems on the basis of acrylate dispersion, synthetic rubber and UV cross-linked acrylate adhesives.

Depending on the requirement and application, we finish our pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes with various backing materials and liners entirely in accordance with our customers' specifications.



High-performance adhesive tape using solvent-based acrylate adhesives. These self-adhesive tapes were developed for the most rigorous requirements imposed on extremely high final adhesion and optimal cohesion. To a great extent, the adhesives are insensitive to weather conditions and have high ageing resistance.


Adhesive tape on the basis of pure cross-linked acrylate. The adhesive tape is thus suitable for use with food products, as well as resistant to high temperatures, UV, plasticisers and humidity.


Adhesive tapes on the basis of acrylate dispersion adhesives. This pressure-sensitive adhesive is highly resistant to ageing, UV, plasticisers and temperature.


Adhesive tape with aggressively sticky pressure-sensitive adhesive on the basis of synthetic rubber with excellent resistance to humidity.