Astorplast Klebetechnik SE

Our new brand

Probably the only constant in life is constant change. Changes confront us with challenges – but they also release new forces and make exciting developments possible. This particularly applies to Astorplast.

Over the past few years, we have been able to initiate and promote a rigorous process of change and development in our company. True to our guiding principle of the "learning organisation", we have managed to further optimise processes and project management. From the very beginning, however, we have focussed more strongly on our customers and their individual needs.

To make the values that we live daily visible and experienceable outside and inside, we have developed a new brand for Astorplast. It expresses in images, design elements and words what we stand for and what we promise to our partners.

The key element of the "new Astorplast" is our positioning, which we summarise in one concise sentence:

Our ambition is to develop the right customized adhesive tape every time.

We are pleased together with our customers, employees and suppliers – to be able to accompany Astorplast into a successful future.

With a clear stance and a great deal of passion. 

With kind regards, 
Christian Indermaur 

(Chairman of the Board of Directors)